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Founders Story

Mitch Zeisler conceived the idea of The UrbanSoph Initiative (TUSI) sometime in 2006, here is his account:

  1. It was a combination of 3 experiences in my life: traveling the world, teaching in Boston Public and working in summer camps.  In traveling the world I was amazed with how people in other cities knew their city so well.  While teaching in Boston Public I was always in awe about the number of high school students who were so uninspired in school and had no aspirations for higher education.  While working at a summer camp I established a program called “Urban Adventure“. This was a two week specialized program that took youth into the city of Boston each day to experience it behind the scenes. 

  2. It was sometime during 2006 that these 3 experiences culminated in my head to form the singular idea of providing urban children with a program in their own city; one that would give them an exceptional and inspiring learning experience.  In turn, this experience would provide these children and youth with one simple, yet obviously lacking asset: knowledge.  The children and youth, I then reasoned, would be empowered through a knowledge equity.

  3. The naming of ‘TUSI’ came about quite differently.  I knew exactly what my idea was about, but to pick a name that could both reflect the essence of the idea and be catchy was a bit trying.   After several attempts trying scores of words in the English language I began to think that creating a word using “urban” was going to be my best bet.   I then looked into prefixes and suffixes to see if I could match one either before or after “urban”.   After many amusing mixes I came across “soph”.  It was perfect! A sweet secondary result of learning “soph” was that I learned the real meaning of “sophomore”.

TUSI is an organization devoted to providing children and youth of any major city with unique access to its city's history, culture, environment, people, and business'.   Through this access we strongly feel that they will obtain a never before held knowledge that will empower them to make the most of life of their life. 

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