Sponsoring TUSI enables us to adhere with our mission and empower the Pioneers through knowledge equity. By participating in  Meaningful Experiences and through support of TUSI, the Pioneers engage not only in their one-week Initiative, but are encouraged and supported to:

  1. complete their Handbook 

  2. apply to and attend college

Moreover, the Pioneers and their families are provided with support services.  TUSI knows too well that providing a child or a youth with opportunities for success, without supporting the family structure, can be devastating. 

Sponsorship and support takes on many forms and TUSI is more than happy to receive any and all types of support. 

To sponsor TUSI please contact us

On behalf of TUSI, the Pioneers, our current sponsors, and everyone else in support of our mission, we sincerely thank you.  

Mitch (CVO) and Michelle (COO)

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